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If Drug Rehab Is the Answer, You Must First Ask for Help

The term “drug rehab” (rehabilitation) is a blanket term used for the programs and procedures that provide treatment for dependency on certain addictive substances such as alcohol, prescription medications and street drugs like cocaine, heroin, amphetamines and other such substances. These programs and…


America’s Changing Health Care System

President Obama has made U.S. health care reform a priority for his administration and Congress seems to be in agreement. A study just released by the nonpartisan, independent research center Deloitte Center for Health Solutions makes it clear that Americans are certainly ready…


Healthy Pantry Ideas

What’s in a person’s pantry can tell a lot about how that person might feel physically. Improving your food choices and nutritional intake can make you feel energized, improve the appearance or hair, skin and nails and lower the risk of diabetes, obesity,…


Understanding the Terms of Health Insurance

When faced with a decision to choose a healthcare plan, or trying to understand the benefits of your existing plan the terms can become quite confusing. Having a better understanding of the most common terms will be helpful when making a selection. Most…


Weight Watchers

If you are trying to lose weight and are sick of the fad diets and the yo-yo effect you may want to consider the Weight Watchers weight loss program. Weight Watchers may be the answer if you are looking for a low cost,…


Phendimetrazine – A Magic Pill?

With the obesity rate on the rise, many people are desperate to lose weight. There are many options available that promise weight loss, from meal plans, to diet centers, to drastic surgeries, or group meetings. There is something out there for everyone. If…


Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Cholestasis is a somewhat rare condition of pregnancy. The most common symptom is itchy skin. It is a disease of the liver that usually goes away soon after delivery. I personally was diagnosed with this awful, unknown condition and it was up to…


Mental Wellness

Since my return from a long weekend at a spa resort, relaxation and mental wellness are definitely on my mind. I am a true spa-junkie. I love the peaceful tranquil atmosphere while I’m at a spa, as well as the luxurious feeling I…


Housekeeping for Health

Housekeeping is very important for your health. Particularly in helping to control symptoms of allergies and asthma. The fact is that no matter how much you clean, you’ll still be exposed to allergens like dust and dander, but by utilizing these basic steps…


Holiday Healthy Party

If you are like most of us, you feat the typical Hing, party planningoliday weight gain. We work so hard all year long to get in shape or stay in shape and for some reason we give ourselves the green light to totally…